John Hoyer How to Catch Your Limit This Walleye Opener Part 1 Introduction and Waders to Ranger 620FS Pro

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I remember when I first started fishing – getting your limit was the main goal.  It took me 15 years to figure it out.  There are some simple things I now have that ensure I always get my limit. 

We will go through the key factors to help you get your limit.

Here is what we will go over.

Where to go and why

Number one question is how deep and why the fish are there.  

What to use on opener.

Last part is electronics.

John Hoyer's History Waders to Ranger 620FS

When I first started fishing on opener it was from shore in waders.  I fished inflows on local lakes.  Meeker county – lake Washington, Stella,  Minnie-belle.  I was out at 12:01 with a buddy and a head lamp.  We would cast shallow running crank baits.  If we caught 2 or 3 it was a good night.  We ran slow rolling floating minnow lures. 

First launch – Mille Lacs hired boat at midnight.  Got my limit.  We had 15 people on the boat, and all got their limit.  This accelerated my will to travel.  I learned about historical areas that are always loaded with fish.

I went to leach lake when Mille Lacs got bad.  In 2017 and 2018 Leach had ice so we went to Rainy River.  It was the most fun I have ever had on a walleye opener.  All males and females in the river.  Sat spot locked, kept 8 20+ inch fish.  We fished four-mile bay anchored because water was dirty and vertical jigged. 

Migrated to Leach Lake – enjoyed getting limit.  Last 5 years.  Full of walleyes.  Ambiance of the opener in the community.

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