Why I Ordered a 2022 Ranger Reata 243C Pontoon

I just purchased a Ranger pontoon from Frankie. Here is why.  Frankie sold me a pontoon seven years ago.  It was a 20-footer with a 90 horse four stroke.  We live on a lake in White Bear Lake MN, and we use the boat a lot.  We go out almost every night for sunset and twilight.  In June and July, it stays light until almost 11:00 PM.  The sky in the waning light is something to behold. 

We have four children and six grandchildren, and the pontoon was getting too small.  I am a bit on the lazy side, and I never covered up the boat.  We use it almost daily and putting the cover on was just too much work.  The interior became weather beaten and was a mess.  So, I went to see Frankie for a new pontoon.  He introduced me to the Ranger pontoons.  I did not know that Ranger made pontoons.  I always viewed Ranger as the Cadillac of fishing boats.  I was amazed at the Ranger Reata series. 

Better Price


I have to admit that before I knew about Ranger Pontoons, I did some shopping.  Because I was generally happy with my 20-footer, I went to the manufacturer’s website.  I was looking at a 22-footer with a 150 to 200 HP motor.  The price knocked me out of my chair.  I began to seriously consider putting a new interior in my 20-footer. 



When I learned about the Ranger Pontoon Reata boats I went to THE RANGER WEBSITE    I expected the price to be out of my reach considering the quality and service reputation from Ranger Boats.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I found that I could get a 24-footer with a 200HP Mercury for $10,000 less than a 22-footer with a 150.  I dug in.

The Ranger 243 Has a Better Layout

One of the things I hated about my 20-footer is that the rear seating was on the same side as the gas tank.  If I had more than half a tank of gas and someone sat across from me, the boat would list.  I can’t stand it when a boat is out of balance.  My wife would always sit there.  When we had a full load of passengers and a full tank the list was awful.  It aggravated me every time I drove the boat with a full tank.  I resorted to keeping the tank at under half.  It was clear to me that some boat designers never actually drive the boats they design.  Not so with Ranger Pontoons.

One of the layouts available on the Ranger Reata 243C has seats on both sides in the stern.  The door to the rear platform was in the middle.  What a functional layout.  You can even put a table in the middle between the opposing seats.  Not to mention there is much more storage.

Ranger Boats Are Made In the USA

I was pleased to learn that even in this era of labor and supply chain challenges, I will receive my new Ranger by spring.  I think that one of the reasons for availability and the great price is that Ranger Pontoons are made in the USA.  The Mercury outboard is the only marine engine that is made in the USA.  I am happy to see that Ranger is well on the way to leading the country to domestic production and reducing our dependence on foreign suppliers.

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