Frankie’s 2022 MN State Panfish Tournament Day 2 Champions

On day two the anglers set out on South Center Lake.  Frankie told me that of the five lakes in the hat, South Center was the one that no one wanted.  As I listened to the interviews of each team I learned why.  South Center is a great lake if you want to catch lots of fish.  It is a tough lake to catch big ones because there are so many small fish.


It was a different game.  The high scores were the teams that picked through the smaller fish and grew the total.  The teams that searched for that winning big crappie never found him.  Where the day one leader was 7.8 lbs total weight.  The champion team came in at 4.90.

First Place with 4.90 Clayton Kettering & Ryan Hylla

We were fishing for small fish to every little upgrade helped.  South Center was OK.  We knew we had to cycle through a bunch of fish.

Check out their photos on Facebook.

Second Place With 4.76 Chad Schaub & Anthony Rodriguez


It was cold in the morning but got warmer.  All of our equipment worked fine.

Third Place Zach Nadolski & Jim Hesse


We caught more fish today.  Everybody caught a lot.  We fished aggressive and big.  Tried to get something bigger to get interested.

See the full weigh in at

See the interview with the top three winers.

Here are the results for all 10 teams.

1 Clayton Kettering & Ryan Hylla 4.9
2 Chad Schaub & Anthony Rodriguez 4.76
3 Zach Nadolski & jim Hesse 4.39
4 Paul Ghizoni & Evan Pheneger 4.38
5 Mitch Thies & Lonnie Murphy 4.31
6 mike Raetz & Shawn Lankki 4.27
7 jack Halverson & Corey Bechtold 4.13
8 Travis Jacob & Paul Fehr 4.08
9 Steven lorr & Jordan anderson 3.91
10 Brian McCullough & Andrew Walker 3.88


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