Featured Angler Mike Keyes – Keyes Outdoor Musky Hunting Adventures

Musky.. or… Muskie? However you spell it, we can all agree that this fish, the fish of 10,000 casts, is a fun fish to catch and release. 

For the past 22 years Keyes Outdoors, LLC has grown to one of most watched, most viewed and respected musky fishing TV Series in the world.

Why? It’s all about the adventure off the beaten path and into the unknown, raw muskie fishing adventures. Whether from land, small wild unknown rivers or as big as it gets, the great lakes, we are on the hunt.

Our style is not a scripted produced TV format. Keyes Outdoors, LLC is more like “FISH ON”… in the moment… guerrilla-style film making at its finest. The perfect mix of a fast-paced fishing action with breath-taking scenery and super cool new musky fishing destinations.

Our goal is to educate our viewers on new techniques, new equipment, and new technology that has helped us become more successful at what we do… hunt big muskies!


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