Featured Angler Pete Rich

Pete Rich guides for muskies on the Chippewa Flowage and many other lakes in the Hayward area. Pete has been the top producing guide of trophy muskies on the Chippewa Flowage over the past decade. On your trip you can expect Pete to share the keys to trophy musky fishing that have made him so successful.  Those keys are: identifying productive musky locations, presentation techniques, and tips for triggering muskies into striking.  In addition he will teach you seasonal movements and locations, also how to quickly identify and exploit current patterns. “It’s keeping an open mind and constantly trying new techniques that make it possible for me to consistently boat trophy muskies in a variety of conditions.”

Pete always looked at musky anglers and wondered how guys could cast all day and be happy maybe only catching one fish.  That was until he took a trip to Lac Suel in Northwest Ontario.  He caught his first musky and he was instantly hooked.  From that moment a passion developed like no other.  The challenge of trying to target the top predator in the lake and then attempting to fool that fish into eating an artificial lure is something that just does it for Pete. 

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