Featured Angler Rich Reinert

Hello, I am Rich Reinert. I grew up in the Hatfield, WI area fishing local lakes and rivers.

As a tackle designer, manufacturer’s rep, guide and speaker, I have been associated with the tackle industry for over 30 years, helping to design numerous musky lures and components.

I have been fortunate to be responsible for more products, designs and presentations than anyone else in the musky industry over the past 15 years.

My passion for Musky fishing over 35 years, with 18 of those years as a full time guide, has given me a unique perspective on the sport of Musky fishing. I have been known to go to extremes to put fish in the boat.

I have been featured in In-Fisherman, Outdoor Life, and Midwest Outdoors. I have had over 1,500 Muskies in my boat over the years and, as a result of that success on the water, I have had the opportunity to speak on many radio programs as well as at numerous sport shows.


Breaking Down and Tuning Topwater Baits

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