Frankie’s 2023 Minnesota State Panfish Championship Dates and Rules

February 12th, 2023 Chisago Lake

100% Cash Payout & Over $5000 in Prizes from Clam and Vexilar

50 Team Payout Breakdown

(Based on 50 Teams)

  1. $5000 
  2. $3500
  3. $2000
  4. $1000
  5. $900
  6. $800
  7. $600
  8. $500
  9. $400
  10. $300
  11. Vexilar
  12. Clam
  13. Vexilar
  14. Clam
  15. Vexilar
  16. Clam
  17. Vexilar
  18. Clam
  19. Vexilar
  20. Clam
  21. Vexilar .
  22. Clam
  23. Vexilar
  24. Clam
  25. Vexilar
  26. Clam

Frankie’s 2023 Minnesota State Panfish Championship Official Rules

Saturday, February 11, 2023

  • Pre-fishing ends at 4:30 PM You are not allowed back on the ice until the start of the Tournament

Saturday, February 11, 2023

  • 5:00 PM Mandatory Rules Meeting and Check In (at least one team member must be present) & BBQ at Frankie’s

Sunday, February 12, 2023

  • 5:30 AM Inspection Begins *Machines torn down & ready for inspection.
  • 12:00 PM Must be over FINISH LINE – Once fish are turned in, team must go to weigh in station at Frankie’s
  • Officials will transport fish back to Frankie’s (buckets will be provided).
  • 1:30 PM Weigh – In starts
  1.    This is a team event consisting of two Angler’s per team.
  2. No refunds will be made for cancellations two weeks prior to tournament.
  3. Take off will be random drawing.
  4. Inspections will begin at 5:30 AM Sunday morning.
  5. Any team not in their spots in the morning when officials have checked machines and gear will forfeit that spot and go to the back of the line.
  6. Pre-fishing is allowed up until 4:30 PM Saturday. Competitors are not allowed back on ice until after inspections Sunday morning.
  7. A full limit will consist of 8 crappie and 8 sunfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, green sunfish) No Rock Bass! No Culling! Remember this is for fun, not to deplete our resources. Ties will be decided by Big Fish weight. In case of a last place tie, a drawing will take place. (The last place weight cannot be ZERO).
  8. A random drawing will be held at check in / rules meeting for take-off positions. Absolutely no passing is allowed. (Exception is made for “walkers”)
  9. Third party fishing is not allowed. Family and friends of competitors are not allowed within tournament boundaries until 12:03 PM on Sunday.
  10. Working with other teams and third parties is prohibited. Any team caught communicating with other teams or third parties will result in an automatic DQ.
  11. All teams must return to official tournament finish line by 12:00 PM with Big Fish tagged, and bucket sealed. Any team caught with an open bucket passed official line will be disqualified. A one-pound deduction will be made per minute for 3 minutes before a DQ is issued for late finishers.
  12. All fish must be caught tournament day, within tournament boundaries, within tournament hours.
  13. Teams may not fish or perform searching activities within 20 feet of another team. Team members must stay within 30 steps of each other once inspected and until bucket is turned in. Team members must wear their team tags.
  14. All teams must travel within tournament boundaries. (Emergency Excluded)
  15. One- or two-man portable shelters are allowed. You may set up shelters before the 7 AM start time but may not enter until the 7am start time. Shelters must be tagged.
  16. Competitors may drill as many holes as they wish. However, you may fish any open hole as long as the 20-foot rule is observed.
  17. Competitors may not fish within 20 feet of hard sided ice shacks or observers/local fisherman
  18. Only one line per fisherman may be used at a time. One hole per person, no hole saving, no leaving extra sonar units in holes, i.e., Panoptic units.
  19. Unsportsmanlike or unethical behavior is unacceptable by competitors. This may result in a disqualification by director
  20. All buckets must be covered with lid during tournament hours
  21. Frozen Fish will NOT be weighed, and no slush will be allowed in buckets being weighed. All buckets must be covered with lid during tournament hours.
  22. State laws must always be observed (Fishing, ATV, Snowmobile, etc.). No Alcohol is allowed during tournament.
  23. ATV’s, Snow machines, and UTV’s will be allowed for travel. Absolutely no cars, trucks. Hard sided UTV’s will be allowed but need doors off. Machines must be tagged.
  24. Covers must be kept on augers during transport. Only one warning will be given, then DQ.
  25. Any team witnessing a violation of these rules has an obligation to inform a tournament official immediately.
  26. All winners are subject to a mandatory polygraph test at discretion of tournament director.
  27. Frankie’s Championship director decisions are final.
  28. All Fish will be donated to charity.
  29. Cell phones may only be used for keeping time and recording violations. Absolutely no acts of communicating with cell phones unless an emergency occurs.
  30. Rules are subject to change at the tournament Director’s discretion.

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