Frankies Minnow Trapping Rocks TikTok With 850,000 View

855,000 Views of Frankies Minnow Trapping on TikTok

Last week our minnow trapping crew was out doing the rounds and Joe’s buddy Tyson shot a video and posted it on TikTok.  It went viral.

Go figure!

Take a look.

They were nervous because they were worried that Frankie would not approve because people might be able to figure out where the minnow ponds were.  So, they get back to the shop and Frankie stops them and tells them a story.  “I got a call today from the biggest bait distributor in Wisconsin.  He asks me if he can sell our minnows.  I say how did you hear about us?  He says Tik Tok.”

So, Frankie was happy after all.

So, what is TikTok?  It is a social media platform that only accepts short videos.  It has become wildly popular worldwide with young viewers.  It is an app that runs on your phone.  It is very easy to create zippy videos about what you are doing.

When it launched in the US it was controversial because it is owned by China.  There was alarm about the data potentially being collected.

Here is the story.



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