Just Add Wheels

Dick Zackarias worked for us.  He was a retired salesman.  He worked for Brad in the bait shop.  He liked to fish.  He built that fish house.  That was the first one he built, and he put wheels on it.  That was 1979.  There were no fish house trailers.  We had it out front and everyone thought it was cool.  He sold it for like $3,500.00.  He made like $500.00.  So, he decides to build three.  He hires a guy down in Shakopee.  He gives the guy money for materials.  The guy gets them half done and he kills his wife!  He gets into an argument with his wife and kills her.  So, the guy in Shakopee goes to jail.

It took two years to get the trailers back and finish them.  So, we put them out front and it must have been the early 1980s and there was no money.  He could not sell them.  So, I called up Ron Schara and said, hey can you do me a favor?  We needed some publicity to get them sold.  So, Ron writes the article, and it says that we were the very first people to put wheels on an icehouse.

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