Hoyer Fishing

John Hoyer has  been passionate about fishing since he could hold a fishing pole. Whether it’s trolling for walleyes on the great lakes, burning bucktails on Vermilion for muskies, skipping a Senko under a dock for largemouth, deep cranking for smallmouth on Mille Lacs, going to the end of the ice belt in search of a 2 lb bluegill, or drilling hundreds of holes a day on Devils Lake in search of perch, he has always been excited about the challenge that is patterning fish.

John has fished major tournaments like Cabela’s NWT.  He is a part-time multi-species Guide ranging from Lake Vermilion to Mille Lacs Lake to the Minneapolis Metro Area waters.  John is always anticipating the next big bite, whether it be on soft water or on top of ice. Fishing is his passion and he loves competing, as well as educating and helping other anglers catch the fish of their dreams.

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