Red Shark Bikes Take Water Bikes the Next Level of Personal Watercraft

Frankie is now selling a new line of water fun.  Paddle Bikes!  I have never been a fan of paddle boarding because it hurts my back.  But these things look really cool.  Red Shark Bikes has created an innovative line of inflatable paddle board with a bike mounted on a paddle board that drives a propeller.  They even offer an e-version like my e-bike where the motor can be driven by pedal assist or by just pressing the throttle.  Here are the models.

Red Shark Bike Surf Adventure

This bike is geared for the fisherman.  It looks like great fun and I bet I will be less likely to get wet.  Could extend my cold water fishing.

Red Shark Bike Surf Enjoy

Now you can enjoy a peaceful trip around lake.  Best of all you don’t have to paddle.  This model is designed for easy pedaling and comes with the option for an e-bike.

Red Shark Bike Surf Fitness

Now you can do your pedal class on the water!  It even comes with multiple propellers so you can adjust the watts on your workout.  This model is geared for the athlete that enjoys aerobic biking and would rather to it on the water than in a gym or dangerous road.

Red Shark Scooter Surf

This one is lighting my fire.  This is an e-board.  Instead of putting a bike on a paddle board, they put an electric motor!  Now you are talking.

Red Shark Travel in a Small Package

These amazing machines fold up into a small package that you can put on the back of your car.  No more heavy lifting to get a board or kayak on top of your car.  Not to mention the scratches and dents that often occur.  I am not sure how they engineered it but it looks really cool.

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