Best Ranger Boat Dealer in Minnesota

I live 70 miles southwest of Frankie’s, and ironically, only a couple minutes away from a competing Ranger dealer in Shakopee. The local dealer has long since forgotten about the individual customer in their effort to add multiple locations and sell hundreds of boats a year. The last time I was there buying parts, I wasn’t even offered a “Thank You” for stopping in- a true story, and it infuriated me. Enter Frankie’s. Jared in parts has bent over backwards to accommodate my parts requests the past couple of years. Parts have generally been in stock, which is more than I can say about the local Ranger dealer closest to me. More recently, I needed work done on the main engine that I could not accomplish myself. The service department at Frankie’s completed the work quicker and cheaper than they estimated. They had a blank check from me, they knew it, and they still treated me fairly. The word is called integrity, and my experience has been that the people at Frankie’s have it. My drive to Frankie’s is three hours round trip in traffic. It’s a pain in the rear. Having said that, this is a Ranger dealership that is competent, customer oriented and fair. I’ll continue to make the drive and recommend them… Mike S Check out the Google Review


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