Tournament Rules

Frankie’s Tuesday Night League & Pro Tournament Rules

  • Anglers will wear a USCG approved flotation vest or jacket while outboard motor is running. All state DNR rules apply to all Frankie’s tournaments.  Boats must be equipped with all necessary safety requirements of the MN DNR.  Each angler is required to have insurance that covers all potential accidents during Frankie’s Tournaments.
  • Tuesday Night League – 5 Bass Limit, Pro Tournament – 4 Bass Limit (large or smallmouth) 12” minimum (mouth closed tail manipulated)
  • All fish will be released after weigh-in. All boats used in tournament must have a good working live well capable of keeping your daily catch alive and in good condition.
  • Dead fish penalty will be ¼ (.25) per pound per dead fish weighted in. Short fish brought to scales and given to weigh master will result in the loss of your largest fish and the short fish.
  • Late to weigh-in/check-in, penalty will be DISQUALIFICATION! DON’T BE LATE!!!
  • NO alcoholic beverages, NO live bait, and NO cell phones (allowed in case of emergency) are allowed during tournament hours.
  • Winners of tournament are determined by total bass weight not to exceed 5 bass for the Tuesday Night League and 4 bass for the Pro Tournament. 1st place tiebreaker – team with the largest fish will be declared winner.  All other ties will be a combine and split format.  Flip a coin for trophies.
  • Teams should respect other individuals fishing space. Unsportsmanlike conduct can occur if teams are not respectfully fishing near one another.  Treat your fellow angler as you would want to be treated.  There is NO MARKER BOUY RULE, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL WHEN NEAR OTHER COMPETITORS AND NON-COMPETITORS ALIKE.  A ONE HUNDRED (100) FOOT INTERVAL IS ADVISED BUT CANNOT BE MEASURED OR STRICTLY ENFORCED SO TRY TO GET ALONG OUT THERE.
  • Sportsmanship – All contestants agree to follow the Tuesday Night League and Frankies’ Pro Tournament rules when fishing the tournament. Bad Sportsmanship is grounds for disqualification determined by the director of the tournament through committee.  All directors’ decisions are final.
  • Persons under the age of 16 must fish with a parent or guardian.
  • Frankie’s Tuesday Night and Pro Tournament are fished in a team format.
  • Off limits Monday of Frankies Tuesday Night tournament. Contestants in Frankies’ Tuesday Night League are not allowed on the water day of the tournament.  Exceptions will be allowed for teams traveling to launch for blast off.  No fishing, sight fishing, or underwater camera use day of Tuesday Night League event.  Fishing begins the day after official launch by director.
  • Pro Tournament off limit will be 11:00 pm Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and all day Thursday before tournament.
  • Full boat inspections will be done before the Tuesday Night League and Frankie’s Pro Tournament. NO live bait.
  • Tournament director decisions are final. There will be no refunds of entry fees due to boat malfunctions, inclement weather (Tuesday Night tournament will be rescheduled if inclement weather persists), or being disqualified in the case of breaking the rules.  No refunds will be given.
  • All protest made must be in writing within 20 minutes of weigh in and be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable deposit in case of false accusation. If protest is upheld the $50 will be given back to the protestor.  If not upheld the $50 will go to Frankie’s Marine Administration.
  • By fishing any of these events, you agree to all rules and agree that all liabilities of the tournament director and sponsors are waived with no exceptions.

No alcoholic beverages or drugs while fishing the Frankie’s Tuesday Night League or Pro Tournament.  After fish are weighed, beverages of choice are approved.

Payout will be 100% of entries paid for all tournaments.

Entry fees: Tuesday Night League – $80.00 per team and Pro Tournament – $600.00 per team.  No refunds.