Canby Fire/Sportsman’s Ice Fishing Contest

January 29, 2022

 - January 29, 2022

Species: : All Legal

Entry Fee: 25.00

Prize: $10,000 - $24,999

Contact: Casey Namken


County: Medicine

Official Tournament Rules
Canby Fire/Sportsman’s – 2 hour Contest
January 29th, 2022
1. The contest is scheduled for January 29th from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm. The contest will be held in a roped in area on Del Clark Lake near the City of Canby.
2. If there is insufficient ice conditions, the prizes will be drawn for using ticket stubs. No refunds will be issued.
3. The prizes are determined by largest weight and time registered. In the event of a tie, the first fish registered takes priority. Any size fish may be weighed.
4. Each person will be allowed to fish one hole per ticket. You may register one fish per species, per contestant, but only the heaviest fish per contestant will qualify for a competition prize. There is no age requirement on tournament participation.
5. All contestants may reserve no more than one hole no earlier than 12:00pm on the day of the contest.
6. All fish entered must be brought to the weigh in area immediately and must be alive. Please bring a bag or bucket. Dead or frozen fish are ineligible. Judges shall have the right to verify that fish were caught legally. The decision of the judge is final. If deception is found it could result in the disqualification and removal of contestant from the contest. Contestants are responsible for verification of weight of fish at the time of weigh in.
7. All contestants must weigh fish immediately after catching the fish. Fish has to be brought to designated weighing area for the 2 hour contest.
8. Contestants will be required to have their tickets visible at all times. Ticket checks, as well as container inspections will be required.
9. Contestants will be allowed to move to unoccupied holes in the contest area but are only allowed to use one hole per ticket. Contestants must use holes provided.
10. Entry fee for the 2hr tournament is $20 for adult and $10 for children 15 yoa and younger. These tickets will be sold early but will be not offered at a discounted price. These tickets will be available until the start of the contest.
11. Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions, and property at all times.
12. Contestants and holes must be in plain view from all sides at all times. No shelters/ wind blocks will be allowed.
13. All laws of the state of Minnesota will be abided by.
14. Contest and random drawing prize Licensing, registration, transportation, taxes, and all other incidental or consequential expenses are the responsibility of the winner. Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of notification.
15. No motorized vehicles are allowed within 100 feet of the perimeter of the contest, or the contestant may be disqualified. Contest officials and police personnel are the only ones allowed to use motorized vehicles. This includes all ATV’s and utv’s. Handicap accessibility will be accommodated with advanced notice.
16. Contestants can park in the areas provided. Watch for signs. There will not be any unauthorized vehicles allowed to park in the tournament area. Contestants can exit the tournament area at any time but MUST enter back through one of the official entrance points for the contest to get inspected again.
17. All bait fish must be 4” or smaller. Any bait fish over 4” will not be allowed on the ice.
18. Heaters, chairs, bait pails, and depth finders are allowed.
19. No licenses sold on the lake.
20. Ice chisels are recommended, as the holes are pre-drilled. The use of power augers (k-drill, electric, gas etc) are not allowed!
21. No lines allowed in the water before the start of the contest.
22. Failure to comply with any contest rules subjects the contestant to disqualification and removal from the competition site, as determined by the contest officials. The right to refuse sale and/or revoke a competition ticket to anyone is hereby reserved.
23. Tournament results remain unofficial until verified by the event committee.
24. All contestants and others hereby consent the use of any names, photographs, or likenesses of themselves to be used in the promotion of our contest, including but not limited to print, radio, television, or any other media.
25. Canby Fire/Sportsman’s Contest thanks you for supporting our efforts to protect the environment, and requests that you remove all garbage, including cigarette butts from the ice when you leave. Waste containers are provided.
26. All contest updates and information is available on the Canby Fire/Sportsman’s Facebook page. This will be the only place that will have the valid information pertaining to the contest.
27. Canby Fire/sportsman’s club is not liable for any accidents/injury. All contestants are responsible for knowing and following contest rules and state law.
28. MUST BE PRESENT at award ceremony to claim prize. If you are not present you forfeit your prize back to the committee.

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