Changing of the Season Spring 2022

It is that in between time of year.  Ice houses have to be off the lake but old man winter has not released his grip on Minnesota.  In spite of the freezing rain and snow last weekend the MN Musky Show had a good turnout.  I went with my son and grandsons and the enthusiasm was infectious.  Oops not a good word to use in the COVID era but it is high time we got infected with something good!

Just a reminder the official dates to get your shack off the lake is March 7 in the south and March 21 in the north.  Here are the official rules.

I came home from the Musky show pretty gunned up.  I got to see my cool new boats.  And the musky lures, I think there must be a secret slot rule – all the lures seemed to be between 18 and 36 inches long!  I attended a couple of seminars, and I was encouraged to listen to Fishcher Smith and his dad Josh.  This father son team has been hunting muskies for the past 6 years. 

One of the stories was fishing for musky from a small boat.  It motivated me to order an electric trolling motor for my beat up old 14 ft aluminum boat.  I plan to do some trolling with the kids.

One of my favorite things to do in the in-between season is making maple syrup.  I have been helping Frankie make syrup for at least 15 years. 


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